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Hello, and welcome to my Site! I hope you like it, and please leave any feedback you might have on my guestbook or on my neocities profile if that's how you found me!

Trainer Card

My trainer card, with 3ds friend code. If you add me on 3ds, tell me! Either on the guestbook, or join the discord server below and ask who bennett is! I'd also appreciate if you joined the server if you didn't add me, because it's a really great place to talk about making a website.

Update Log

March 17 2021, I did an update on one of my old Journal Entries, very sorry for not doing anything for a while

February 10 2021, I added my journal, and did the first entry!

February 9 2021, I added a new button. It's to this really cool site with lots of japanese emoticons!

January 26 2021, I made a guestbook and added a tab to go see it

January 25 2021, I added the web games tab, and this update scroll thing.

January 24 2021, I added the games tab which has a picture of my game collection, and I added a couple buttons

January 23 2021, This is when I made the site

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